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nature of breakthroughs

Breakthroughs are significant events, not mere improvements in whatever you are trying to achieve. The following provides a very general overview into Breakthroughs-Consulting Technology. This is THE ONLY TECHNOLOGY OF ITS KIND, which is truly targeted to changing your thinking to see new possibilities. As a result, breakthroughs in many areas of your business and life will be available. You cannot “force” innovation or creativity to the point of having breakthroughs. You cannot even create an environment where breakthroughs will be the outcome. The latter is what is often taught, but you need breakthroughs and not an environment supposedly conducive to breakthroughs. An outcome of the Breakthrough instruction will be some things that will help the creativeness of the organization – a creative culture. These things are seen in a discussion of obstacles to breakthroughs. They receive early attention in the course and may drive some suggested actions to eliminate roadblocks to creativity. Removing obstacles is typical of the instruction of various innovation Guru’s. I provide this information because IT MIGHT HELP A LITTLE but mainly to help you differentiate between process for innovation and realizing the truly valuable root cause for breakthroughs. Breakthrough Technology will always be evolving in the mind of each participant for the rest of his or her lives. It will not be a process captured on a piece of paper in your desk drawer. You will carry away something much different, the very opposite of a methodical process. The “step-by-step process” is frequently what people want, but that kind of process “damages or completely destroys” innovation.

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The Following Charts Describe At A High Level Some Characteristics Of The Breakthrough Course

Chart 1 – Introduction

You cannot “FLIP A SWITCH” and change from a company with little or no innovation to become one that routinely grows due to innovation. Something must change and out of that change one of the outcomes will be your agility, your speed in becoming a much better organization. You will begin to see new possibilities immediately.
paradigm charts 1

Chart 2 – The Fundamentals of Breakthrough Technology

The ingredients for breakthroughs are quite different than “typically believed.” The solution does not lie in process. Process can produce improvements but Breakthrough Technology changes the way you think and consequently what you see as possible and then how to achieve it.
In addition, Breakthrough Technology harnesses the power of collective thought, of teamwork, and of collaboration. Of course, there is much individual thought, even genius and that is enhanced in Breakthrough Technology. These are pretty substantial claims, but they are possible because the accepted fundamentals behind breakthroughs are so poorly understood. Breakthrough Technology realizes the subsequent huge potential and can easily bring organizations and/or individuals to a different, more powerful paradigm.
paradigms page2

Chart 3 – Paradigms

Chart 3 introduces paradigms as the building blocks of successful breakthroughs. There is a very critical distinction in relation to this chart and it is simply that within each paradigm (save the last one) there is a limit to what can be accomplished. You are stuck because your current paradigm limits your potential and there is nothing you can do about it unless you move to a higher paradigm. You will never do that unless you understand the nature of your current paradigm and that moving away from that paradigm is possible.
paradigm page 3

Chart 4 – Language of Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs exist in a different language and this should not be surprising because interaction with others is the great lever in changing your business.
paradigm 4

Chart 5 – Additional Breakthrough Topics

Breakthrough technology emphasizes the creation of breakthroughs in relationships, products and processes. Also the consulting services offers topical breakthrough instruction in the listed areas where there will be a focus to help you achieve specific breakthroughs.

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