“Stuff happens” and we consider it good, bad or indifferent. You might win the lottery, or something much less significant. You may lose a close friend or family member in the natural course of life’s events. Real breakthroughs do not fall into the category of “stuff happens.” Your intellect is involved and you may not think you are very intellectual. The truth is you are and a breakthrough for you would be to understand you are intellectual and contain a world of wonderful possibilities.

You will come to believe this, not because I could convince you but because it is really the truth and the evidence will convince you.

People and businesses should be realizing continuous, worthy breakthroughs in terms of inventions, better processes, great new products, and substantially better relationships. Yet for some “strange reason” people and businesses miss out on many great opportunities. In reality the reasons are not strange, albeit often hidden. In the process viewing and/or participating in this blog there will be things that help you to see things differently, generally more positively and certainly provide some enlightenment.

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