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My experience includes a 30 year career as a professional engineer where I designed a wide variety of complex products and managed some large and small engineering groups. During those years I was fortunate to work with many excellent teams that achieved many breakthroughs. Early in my career, I developed a special interest in innovation, creativity and breakthroughs as the result of collaboration with some wonderful, bright and sharing people. Those experiences involved people from around the world at some exceedingly successful companies. My conclusions and experiences in breakthroughs include many different businesses, products and challenges. One additional thing that closed the loop for me was a study I undertook of certain well-known business guru’s and compared/examined their best insights. I added my experience to the analysis, which included not just me, but some of the best known minds, albeit not famous in the various businesses of my association. I created the book below, which I have not yet published and may never publish. I do use some of the insights from it in the Breakthrough Technology Course. However, the things I learned in that process are not in any way the essence of the Breakthrough Technology Course. They can serve as better starting places for business related breakthroughs or in fact may be breakthroughs themselves. The adaptation of these principles would be “game changing” for businesses and government.
Business Guru's

The name of the book is, “The Long Cold Road Back” and refers to the current economic state of the United States and in fact much of the world. The breakthrough aspect in the book is getting to the root cause of the serious issues causing the “predicament.” In breakthrough terminology, this situation is a crisis because everything could get much, much worse and at best only gradually better. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case, but in the current paradigm it is certain.

It always seemed there were many things missing in the processes of “modern” business. There was satisfaction with current methods, with what was easy to achieve and the culture was often complacent and stagnate – nonetheless all were happy with meager growth. Most often these businesses were making a profit with EBITDA’s under 10% and frequently under 5%. Their EBITDA’s should have been at least two times higher and looking to be even higher. The real things hampering company growth were concerns over job security, looking good/promotions and an undercurrent of paranoia. The company paradigm/culture limited the possibilities regardless of how hard everyone worked. The fundamental root cause issues needed to be exposed and addressed. Although every company has different root causes, there are many similarities. Truly innovative companies need to exist in a sophisticated paradigm and not live in hope of good things happening. The best of companies can do better and in fact need to do so because the global world is a slippery slope with many great competitors.

I currently do consulting assignments for a variety of businesses and also teach a course called “Breakthrough Technology.” The material contained in this course is business and life changing, very unique, and typically unknown.
This “perspective” will allow companies as well as individuals to achieve more than they now see as possible.

If you are a bit older you might want to visit my website called, “New Beginning After 55” and consider the rest of your life could be the very best years of your life in terms of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Alan PIX


Alan PIX

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