The thing I try to emphasize is doing well in life, that is being successful in life.

The One Breakthrough That Haunts Life

It has always seemed foolish to me do well in life at the cost of eternity. First and foremost one has to come to grips with life after this life. A great deal of what we do in terms of our physical life might be very different if there is more than just this short existence. The most important distinction I made many years ago was that there is no connection between religion and God. Unless of course, there was a religion that was aligned with God, with THE Creator. Religions attempt to align themselves with God by saying, “God is with them in some way.” On the other hand, God would not align with anyone just because they claimed He was with them. This becomes very important because when we blame religion for the many terrible things they have been associated with, we wrongly assume God has something to do with those terrible events.
I set a course to have a breakthrough in understanding God as though this was the most important thing in the world. Well, the unexpected happened – I got the answer but not in any supernatural way but in a way I learned that God intended. It was quite simple and certainly not something that required any particular intelligence. Everything fits perfectly together, everything! Well, now I can give the answer in less than one page but the problem is that there has been so much deceit, confusion and indifference that it took quite a bit more – about 622 pages in my book, “What Is Life All About?
We have life starting in a big bang or a “singularity” as some like to say from nothing – not even an atom. On the other hand a creator, an intelligence of undescribable power designed everything and both of these possibilities require a great deal of Faith. One however has a much better, consistent and unchanging story than the other.
It seemed to me that in this matter you have a choice – ignore this issue and live life and see what happens in the end of life OR do some work to figure this out in case it might be important. It is apparent, I decided not to ignore the issue even if personally difficult for me. So, in the process of helping you in your business, your relationships I will provide you with a breakthrough in understanding YOUR purpose in life. This material will flow over into other websites in addition to this website. The book, What Is Life All About? is also a good source for understanding God and the purpose of life.

For deeper study of life’s true purpose go to “Heaven Coach.”

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