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This is the first post on Relationships and falls under Breakthroughs In Life category. So you may want to read the previous two posts in this category.
Relationships is one of four key categories that define us. You can use these four categories to define the type of work to which you are best suited. Some people do well in several categories but there is still normally one of these that each person prefers. Most people do not even realize this about themselves but in conversations and discussing their life’s it is pretty easy to determine which category best fits them. Why is this important? Well, it is important for your happiness. Doing things that best fit you, we might say things you like to do or even love to do will not only obviously make you happy but it allows you to be most productive.
Now, before we go further on this subject let me point out the relationships being discussed apply to your most personal relationships, your customer relationships, your relationships within your business group or team and really to any person to person or person to group relationships.
Starting with the four relationship categories that we often consider related to business we also should be able to relate these to all the other relationships we have in life. In this first discussion on relationships the focus will be on the type of work you do and how it fits you. You will see shortly why you may not be happy (or why you are happy) with the nature of the work you do. You may quickly also realize the type of life partner which would fit best with you. The categories that define our strengths regarding the work we but also the character of our life’s are:

  • Relationships
  • Tasks
  • Strategic
  • Creative
  • Every person has one of these areas where they excel and they enjoy at least more than the others. It turns out matching the person to a certain type of work provides for the best productivity and greatest possible satisfaction. Normally each person may be doing several or in some cases all of the types of work listed above. Placing a task person in a relationship job, for instance managing people can be a large mistake and hurt many people. Even though the person may know that they are poor with relationships, they want the position because it pays more and is a position of more authority.
    The top salesperson is great with customers (Relationships) but hates doing the reporting (Tasks) and finally becomes so frustrated with the manager (like the one above who has no relationship skills) that he quits. As you begin to think differently, speak differently, observe differently you will see more possibilities – things are now possible than ever before and of course there will be breakthroughs. As an extremely simple example our salesman just mentioned is responsible for 35% of the company sales and provides the best profit margins. Great at relationships, terrible at tasks and a manager who is annoying. If you are aware of this situation you can solve it – lots of possibilities. Breakthrough technology will bring the awareness.

    Dating is an interesting area where people really do not consider a great deal of the deeper things about someone who may be their future partner. It turns out that any of the types above (relationship, task, strategic, creative) can be compatible with each other and have a great marriage. That is true because, “love conquers all” but that is only true if love has as its basis something a great deal more than “attraction.” If two people both despise tasks, you can hire a maid or live in a messy home. There are endless possibilities and taking some time to determine if your vision of the future matches would be a good thing. Of course, at this time getting complete honesty from each other may be hard. There is no good answer here except that in all marriages there will be conflicts and in this page I am more interested in helping people to deal in quite a different way with those situations. That is deal in a breakthrough manner.

    Strangely, if businesses were able along with the employee to get the employee into the right position this carries over to family life. I have a friend who is a steelworker – works on skyscrapers and walks across narrow steel beams hundreds of feet above the ground doing all sorts of work. He loves his job and continues to do it after 29 years even though he has had several serious accidents. He tells me he enjoys the work (tasks) and fears being placed behind a desk for the next 10 years. He has done a great job up in the air but will not be effective behind a desk. So, we have a person obviously in the right job but now going to a job where he has concerns. The manager should realize this may not work in terms of productivity. On the other hand, it might work and be a surprise to the worker. I made a suggestion that he ask management if he could work on the job site handling equipment, doing paper work at the job site. This concept worked so well that it is standard procedure to offer this to older workers.The paradigm changed for management and …………………..

    There are ways you can determine which category is the one that is YOU. It can be very important if you are young and trying to determine what to do with your life. You might say, I just want to make money, lots of money. Two things:
    1) You may not succeed if you really do not like this type of work – odds are you will not succeed.
    2) In any case you will not be happy and will always be thinking about doing some other thing. It will be something in one of the other categories listed above.

    It is interesting how many people do not know themselves. It usually only takes about an hour (or two) discussing their life going back to some of their earliest memories and asking the right questions and the “light” goes on. It is a breakthrough. In addition to pinpointing their prime category (which is essential) we can usually go deeper and be somewhat more specific. This subject will be covered in this blog but even in more detail and in some cases more personally (as many as I can help) to those who sign up below and receive routine (also free) messages.

    I have not scratched the surface of this subject of relationships and Breakthrough technology. Five of the most productive areas where this helps are:
    > CRM
    > Internal customers
    > Executive management
    > Marriages
    > Raising children

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