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Breakthroughs Consulting Course

The Breakthroughs Consulting Course is rather indescribable and needs to be that way because that is the nature of breakthroughs. It is not mysterious, but provides an awakening into a realm of awareness where breakthroughs exist. As you begin to describe how to do something you begin to shut the door on innovation. “Just give me the step by step procedure for doing this thing” – that is all I need! That may be OK for some things like a cooking recipe book, or how to construct the child’s bicycle you have in the box before you. Some think Breakthroughs should be the same way – give me the recipe book. You need to understand the nature, the history of breakthroughs and even then we need to be careful not to destroy the potential for innovation. You cannot escape thinking, that is, having creative thoughts and “how-to books” will mislead your thinking.

Breakthroughs Consulting Course Overview

Clicking on the above will bring you to the course overview. The course is not offered on-line but is only presented in person and only by the author. The instruction requires about ten hours in two five hours sessions over two days. The course can be accomplished in one day, but this is a function of the number of add-on topics requested. Saturday is a good day for the instruction since distractions are usually not present. Of course, any day works for Breakthrough Technologies. Although everyone in your company will find the material extremely valuable, there are many good reasons to present it to the executive staff or at least first to the executive staff or provide an executive staff overview. Some of the immediate problems or fading opportunities to introduce breakthrough technologies would be:
> persons working in new product development and/or research – they need this “thinking”
> a team faced with a particularly difficult assignment requiring breakthroughs to meet the specification and/or delivery/launch timing
> a sales and/or marketing team in need of a breakthrough to achieve a significant goal
> of course there are many other possible need scenario’s
> invariably as a matter of course, the discussion with you and or your designated attendees results in great breakthroughs in their personal lives
The experience is optimized with a small group due to the need to achieve focus and realize the best interaction between instructor and attendees and between the attendees. Three to ten people works very well.

This course is very unique as it honors “people more than processes.” Most courses related to creativity/innovation /breakthroughs address symptoms and not the root cause related to lack of innovation and thus provide “here is the process.” It turns out in a general way processes destroy breakthroughs – process changes CAN satisfactorily address improvements.
In other words, “innovation consultants” have the answer before they arrive in the form of processes. Breakthrough Technology presents a fundamental view of the nature of breakthroughs and without this understanding breakthroughs look more like improvements and thus create no great new value. Additionally, within the scope of Breakthrough Technology it is relatively simple to analyze any business informally (a few questions, a few charts) and Breakthrough Technology will define your current paradigm. Once this is accomplished it becomes obvious what is required to “jump” to a new paradigm. However, making that leap in terms of things like resources, changes and costs requires a commitment and a solid company vision. First things first, you need to define the paradigm where your business resides.

Breakdown / Innovation / Creativity – A Better Understanding

So much for the breakthrough course, except to say it is life and business changing. The following topics are not part of the basic course material, but represent general information on the subject of innovation. Each of these subjects (and more) can be (upon request) discussed in more detail from the perspective of a breakthrough at the conclusion of the basic course material.


Intellectual Property

People, Products, Processes, Profits

This Website Provides:
1) Practical Information on Breakthroughs that can be applied to people, that is breakthroughs in relationships with employees, customers or using the same knowledge with friends and family.
2) The real focus is on business and improving your operation to achieve your goals. Many companies are looking to develop new products and are underachieving in this critical area. Typically, there is something missing in the operation, in the organization that is keeping them from being a more productive, growth culture.
3) A Consulting Service to provide help directly to small and medium sized businesses is available through this site. Our goal is to provide what you need at an affordable price and do it in a very timely manner. We want to help you go beyond your needs to what is possible for your organization – thus breakthrough technology. The starting point is a one or two day seminar on “Breakthrough Technology” that will substantially change your perspective regarding innovation, creativity.
This website focuses on Breakthroughs but that refers to more than just physical products.
The product could be a software program or any number of downloadable products or services. As mentioned, the broad nature of “Breakthrough Technology” covers applications such as relationships and processes. In the background of a successful business that routinely produces new and better products, services, and processes there needs to be many other types of breakthroughs. Such things as breakthroughs that allow for the hiring of the best people or development of a revolutionary methodology for bringing products to the market in a more timely manner. Normally there is always room for producing breakthroughs with customers, especially key customers who have been difficult. In addition to the course there is a very specific list of list of important supporting improvements (often breakthroughs themselves) that can be added to the base course to meet your specific need.
Frequently, there is this one very significant program, which requires a breakthrough, and typically, part of the breakthrough is delivering the “result” to a very difficult schedule. Sometimes the situation seems hopeless, yet this is exactly where “Breakthrough Technology” can be of great help. Companies need to avoid these problems that threaten their growth. Breakthrough technology will help you make the distinctions needed to move you to a better paradigm where the characteristic of the company is progress/profit and not “fire-fighting.”

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