As you may see this “Website” involves breakthroughs in just about everything.

Breakthroughs in life, in relationships, in business and finding a breakthrough that will provide you with added income or maybe sufficient income to allow you to “exit” your current job. The number one thing for so many “Internet People” is just finding a way to get into an Internet business where they can make some money. How do they do it, how long will it take? Therefore, since there are so many of you I thought I would make my best effort to provide information that might help you to have a breakthrough in this area.

I will be making the same sort of distinctions that I make in various areas to arrive at breakthroughs in Internet marketing and pass those things along to you. In this area I have studied Internet marketing for about two years but have done so differently than most people in that I was collecting, analyzing, and comparing all the various training, all the many claims. Luck, good fortune really does not play a big part but it might down the road make a big difference in a particular “campaign” or project. There are four things that are essential to be successful; they are good training, patience, persistence and time.

I have reviewed over 500 different offers and tested the ones which “I thought” were the best and participated in hundreds of different Webinars. I continue each week to evaluate Internet Marketing from every aspect and besides providing you with routine insight into what I have learned I will do some in-depth analysis of popular trends in the business. The current winners for best Website general training including marketing for your website are indicated on a permanent page called “Breakthrough List” at the top of each page of this blog. I am concluding a study about the best training for specifically marketing a blog – should be on the “Breakthrough List” page before mid-October.
I think most people understand that what is right for one person will be wrong for the next. So YOU need to understand Your goals, Your background capabilities, Your Hopes in order to make the right choices AND YES you have even more capabilities than you realize.

Your Internet Marketing goal may not be to make money but to market an idea, to market your philosophy or a hundred other things. Many people want to do both; make a point and at the same time make some money. The vast majority of people look at Internet Marketing as a way to make money and as a potential full-time career. Honestly, Internet marketing holds out the hope for achieving considerable wealth away from the “brick and mortar” world. It is also the place of great disappointments. At this site I will be showing you how to overcome the obstacles and succeed – and there will be obstacles, some technical and some being born out of your frustration and the skepticism of those around you.

One goal of this effort is to help people get to the best training, the best ventures and always the best value for your money. Yes, there are many free things on the Internet that in fact are not really free. Nonetheless, there are things (like training) that are free to a point and the I will provide you with the best of those. One of the nice things about a blog is that conversations are possible and personal conversations relating to your specific Internet Marketing issue can be handled if you opt-in. Although one thing I teach with vigor is that there are no dumb questions except for the question you thought was dumb and did not ask.

My background includes over 30 years in “brick and mortar” business in the design and development of products, considerable Intellectual Property related matters, executive management and business experience in many foreign countries. I have published books on business and on life’s purpose and also turned those books into eBooks. I have developed and taught courses, written technical papers on various subjects such as future powerplants for transportation and turbomachinery. Currently I teach a course on breakthroughs, innovation, and creativity. My singular goal in every case has simply been to help.

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