Religion has become a joke and God is just something for the fanatics.

Well, religion is a joke for the most part, but God is seldom related to the religions of men and women. God must not be a joke, but the most serious thing in your life! Why? Because life is about something besides this life and you will exist forever. It is not that hard to convince anyone of these things if they have an open mind for the truth. It will be impossible to come to a knowledge of the truth if you have shut your mind. Certainly you very likely had a lot of help shutting you mind. Ultimately, what you believe is still YOUR decision, Your life and YOUR responsibility. Nonetheless, I would like to show you something different. This site talks about breakthroughs in your life, your business and your relationships. The biggest breakthrough in your life is to determine what life is all about. Of course, if you believe life ends when you die it will not matter BUT YOU OUGHT TO KNOW FOR CERTAIN! By the way, there is absolutely no factual information that life ends when you die. Many people teach this but other than WANTING to believe them there is no intelligent reason to believe you go out of existence when you die. It turns out you will have to accept that on faith.
You may know that much of the world uses deceptions to support their beliefs, to realize personal gain. The MOST DAMAGING DECEPTION is clearly the one that has you believing there is no God. I will provide you with good reason to believe there is a God. Why should you believe me? WELL, YOU SHOULD BELIEVE WHAT MAKES SENSE AND DO NOT BELIEVE ME OR ANYONE ELSE. Ask yourself, “Does it make sense, does is all “hold together.” The truth will hold together. You would be surprised how easily some of the “strong” arguments against God will fall.

Just one thought as this page ends.

Do you see lots of problems with the world? So does God!
Do you see the suffering and dislike it? So does God!
Do you see religion as having a history of violence and cruelty? So does God, BUT God had nothing to do with it!
Do you think if there was a God that He abandoned mankind?

All the things you see are occurring because it is part of God’s plan. His plan requires man to make decisions and God does not stop or disallow those things He abhors. Well, what is behind his plan?
His purpose for mankind is simply to determine who will spend eternity with Him and each person will make that decision. There will be things to overcome and one of the things to overcome is the deception of selfish, proud men and women.
You can understand this much better if you understand God and He has provided PLENTY for you to be able to understand Him. You might say, “why do I not already know?” Good question and the Good answer is for the same reason you currently are doubting that the answer can be provided right here. The truth is for seekers of truth and that requires a great character. People often think by “not knowing what they should do” they somehow will be without blame. This is why you need to understand God as He has revealed Himself then you will not UNDERESTIMATE GOD and His ability to know your every thought. Yes, God has devised the perfect system for mankind to accept or reject Him. All is exactly as God planned.

If you watch this very short video you will see three places where the deception regarding God originates.

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