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Is it possible to make a living on the Internet? Yes, it certainly is possible. A typical success will take a while, maybe a year, maybe two to three years. This time will be divided between sorting through the business possibilities and learning the technical aspects. Is it true there are many young internet marketing millionaires? The percentage of those very successful persons to the number of people working diligently to be successful is very, very small. The internet marketers want you to believe you can become a millionaire just like them (or so they claim) and although you could have great success it is highly unlikely. They want you to believe this because that is what they are selling, namely how to be highly successful using their products, their system, their services.
The Internet Marketing business is filled with deceit, with SPAM and just plain dishonesty. You can also go broke following the Internet marketing dream.This occurs in three ways:
1) You waste time you could have spent on more certain money making activities like obtaining an education or just having an “honest job.”
2) You can spend considerable money learning internet marketing on their products and services
3) In the process of marketing your product/service you lose money such as PPC (Pay Per Click)

Are very successful Internet Marketers Typically very bright individuals? Yes, I have found they are very bright, but that does not mean highly educated although most are college graduates. I know personally of several young medical doctors who left medicine to become Internet Marketers. Why? Money and free time, especially free time was a strong motivation.

Distinguishing MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)

Before we get into this subject, let me give you a definition that will help some people. It distinguishes network marketing from MLM or multi-level marketing.
Basically, Network Marketing is the type of marketing you do and mlm (multi-level marketing) is a method that businesses or companies use to market their business, service, or product. I am not an expert on MLM but one of my acquaintances is an expert and has a site called Truth on MLM.” You will find a wealth of information at this site.

Why do people go into internet businesses? Typical reasons are:

  • Feed up with boss or job
  • Wanted to become very rich
  • Wanted to work less hours
  • Wanted to travel, do more with friends or family
  • Wanted to work from home, work their own hours
  • You are stuck at home and need money

Are there many scams?

Yes, there are many scams. Even the opportunities that are not scams are frequently designed to take more of your money than you at first realize. That is, they do some training then get you to somehow sign up for on-going “information” with a monthly fee. Internet marketers would not consider the way they collect money as a scam but frequently it is! Namely you sign up with someone and are paying them on a monthly basis – you may not know you are paying them monthly but in the “fine print” they will take so much from you each month. You may have received a great deal of information for a few dollars and now they have a way to access your money. Only way to truly avoid this is to never buy anything! OR research extremely well anytime you do spend money …………. wait 24 hours before you spend money – reconsider is this what I want? Avoid impulse buying because this is the thing scam artists count on to get the sale. You may often be told the offer will expire if you leave the site without taking the offer – just leave the site! Another way to detect a less than perfect deal is when it is not incredibly easy to unsubscribe from a service. Some will hide the unsubscribe method. The totally honest persons place it always right in front of you on the front page of their website – just click and get an e-mail notification you are unsubscribed. I do not like it when I have to “submit a ticket to unsubscribe.” Beware, beware, beware. Remember the Internet Marketers are portrayed as really nice people and want to be your friend, well really want your money and need to quickly build relationships to get your money. It is just selling 101! I have found about a dozen very good people in terms of great training with a deep sincerity regarding your success and who honestly explain the downsides as well as the upsides and also the true costs. Most of these people also have a great deal of free material that is very helpful and of course to unsubscribe is very simple.

What is the standard mode of operation for many marketers?

They give something away but that does not mean they are going to scam you. There are some great give-aways on the Internet. The word is FREE and it really works, just be careful. You can get a great deal of free training about Internet Businesses and essentially all the technical information and tips you require. I do recommend some training because even though it costs something eventually it is a good deal.

What is the biggest money maker on the Internet?

That is easy ………… Teaching people how to make money on the Internet. Once you have broken into this niche and been relatively successful you often become part of the team and they support each other very well and build each other to even greater heights. They all have an unspoken myth to support the myth.

What are some other good ways to “cash-in?”

One of the best ways is PPC (Pay per Click) and it must be learned. There are many tricks and many teachers. Since you are paying to place ads you can actually lose money and many do. Success takes some time and you must learn how to test your ads. Bad news is there are many people who are well trained that you must compete with. Good news is that the market is huge and there are good free tools for selecting your niches.

Are there some ways where losing money is not possible?

Of course, most Internet business except for some initial investment in learning (which can be minimal or free) are money making but it may take a long time to replace your day-job income. Oh yeah, “its the computer” and for many be prepared to get frustrated.

My Recommendations for Training

People frequently ask me about great training and I recommend three good sources that provide integrity, clarity and just excellent training. They are:

Chris Farrell Chris Farrell
Eric’s Tips by Eric Holmlund Eric’s Tips
SBI by Ken Evoy Site Build It

The first two above offer a great deal of free help and paid memberships for a deeper dive. Both Chris and Eric make learning so very simple by using videos that assume you know nothing about each subject. That does not mean even good IM people cannot learn – there is so much to know! SBI (Site Build It) by Ken Evoy is great and thorough training but has an initial price tag and then a yearly maintenance fee similar to the initial price. It may be too pricey for small budgets. The advantage is that it takes you through an incredibly easy to understand step-by-step process with marketing thoughts all the way through. The downside is that as you move away from Ken’s process to the rest of the world you have some re-learning to do. The principles and forums and articles and helps like back-link sharing of common themes and authority are part of a wonderful learning experience.
Nonetheless, start with Chris Farrell!

How many people are successful at Internet Marketing Business?

I do not know if there are good statistics but I did research this and found the following:
Many people (as many as 95%) give up after a few months, maybe 2-6 months
Ultimately those who succeed – able to make over a $1000 per month consistently are about 5%
The most discouraging thing is that there are literally millions of people worldwide who jump in and give it a try. Its discouraging because of those only a very few reach their dreams after years of trying – much less than 1%. We see the successes in the many testimonials many of which are honest (not all) and believe we can do it also and the truth is quite often a few will be successful. To make this very valuable it would be good to have data on any one given offer. I am sure there are good success stories for a given great offer and I think that might be 10-20% of the people are successful – that would be incredibly good! Those great opportunities are rare but every “pitch-person” claims there offer is special when they really know that although it is possible few if any will succeed. I do know two persons who provide great information at reasonable or no cost and really go the extra mile to be honest and incredibly helpful. These individuals are Chris Farrell ( and also Eric Holmlund (

Why do people give up?

  • Discouraged by the effort
  • Discouraged by family
  • Just do not have the time to devote to learning and then doing the necessary work
  • They never learn some key principles of their particular internet business
  • Laziness, fear and most frequently lack of a good plan
  • They are not suited to the everyday interaction with the computer

The most common reason people give up is that are not able to replace their brick and mortar income with the internet business. Some have quit their “day jobs” but it is best to have some good success before you leave your job. Now, realize there are many kinds of businesses on the Internet and some may compliment your skills and your chances of being successful are much better.

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